Braviant Holdings Announces
$7 Million Equity Raise

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Braviant and Trend Capital to Enter Exclusive Marketing Partnership Alongside $5MM Lead Investment

Chicago, Illinois – February 20, 2018 – Braviant Holdings, a leading fintech startup that uses advanced analytics and proprietary technology to make smarter lending decisions, has raised $5 million common equity from Loom Capital, LLC. Alongside the equity investment, Braviant has entered into an exclusive partnership with a subsidiary of Trend Capital, a tech-enabled digital marketing platform affiliated with Loom.

Braviant is one of the largest providers of pre-approved direct mail offers of credit for underbanked consumers in its market. Through the newly minted partnership with Trend, Braviant will further diversify its customer acquisition channels and continue its track record of exceeding 2x annual growth in loan originations.

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“We are thrilled to welcome Loom Capital as an equity investor and look forward to working with Trend Capital as our exclusive affiliate marketing partner,” said Matt Martorello, Founder and Chairman of Braviant Holdings. “The team at Trend brings well over a decade of industry-specific digital marketing expertise to Braviant,” added Stephanie Klein, CEO of Braviant Holdings. “This unique partnership gives Braviant a strong competitive advantage in the marketplace by enabling exclusive and targeted access to qualified consumers searching online for credit.”

According to Ron Symon, CEO of Trend Capital, “Braviant is especially well-positioned to succeed in the constantly evolving online lending ecosystem. Braviant’s proven management team has created a winning business model that addresses the growing need for alternative credit options. As we searched for the right partner to invest in, a shared focus on consumer-friendly, tech-enabled solutions was paramount, and that is exactly what Braviant offers.”

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In addition to the $5 million investment from Loom, one of Braviant’s early investors has elected to convert a $2 million note to equity. Braviant has the option to raise up to an additional $10 million at the same price per unit as Loom during a 60-day tail period.

About Braviant Holdings

Braviant Holdings is a Chicago-based fintech company that uses advanced analytics and proprietary technology to develop faster, smarter credit solutions. Our suite of financial products, including Balance Credit and Chorus Credit, is transforming how people access credit online by streamlining the borrowing process and creating a path toward a better financial future. Braviant’s rapid growth since inception is a testament to the company’s proven ability to leverage innovative big data and machine learning techniques to better meet the needs of underserved consumers.

About Trend Capital

Trend Capital Inc. is a Vancouver, Washington based fintech and lead generation company focused on the small dollar installment, line of credit and personal loan financial services markets. With its leading commercial platform, Lead Economy, and associated products including LeadPie, RevPie and ListPie, Trend Capital brings the essential elements of the lead generation supply chain together to provide an integrated marketplace. Lenders and performance marketers collaborate on multiple levels to provide consumers access to the credit they need and deserve.